Conventional Broiler Shed

Conventional Broiler Shed 18 Spanlift Qnv0ye - Conventional Broiler Shed
Conventional Broiler Shed 18 Spanlift Qnv0ye

Conventional Broiler Shed

Spanlift Curved Series Poultry Buildings are more than just sheds they are complete, climate controlled, integrated poultry growing systems designed to create premium poultry and optimal energy efficiencies.

The curved tunnel-inspired roof design ensures optimal ventilation and even temperature distribution across the total poultry environment, ensuring a constant flow of fresh air to help the birds thrive and grow.

Correct airflow dynamics and flow control ensure the optimum amount of air enters in the right way for freshness and comfort, without stressful drafts.


The buildings concrete walls are also thermally rated to minimise heat loss or temperatures being lowered through cold outside conditions at the base level where the poultry grows. The complete upper and lower wall system has a higher insulating R-value than industrial standards.

Labour costs are also greatly reduced. Maintenance requirements are low and the 50-year structural steel warranty ensures a secure long-term investment.

Temperatures are precisely computer-controlled while purpose-specified insulation has the right R-value to offer the correct thermal rating to effectively control the
interior climate in all seasons.

The totally energy efficient design reduces running costs while ensuring precise climate control without power spikes. Fan usage is therefore optimised to deliver lower running costs.


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