Machinery Shed

Machinery Shed

Our Machinery Shed Design

With the harsh Australian conditions, machinery sheds are paramount. Keeping your machinery safe from weather positively affects the operation and increases the value of your machinery when it comes to trading in, in the future. Our team at Spanlift can design and create the ideal shed for your needs and purposes, with suitable dimensions and features to suit any requirements. With our experience in the farming and agriculture industry, we understand what makes a good machinery shed. Which is why we include the ability to add features to help with increased efficiency when manoeuvring your farm machinery and more. Including allowing up to 18 metres of clear access, which is perfect for boom sprays or harvesters. Our columns are manufactured from heavy structural steel and are nudge resistant to ensure the safety and structural integrity of the shed.

Machinery Shed - Machinery Shed
Machinery Shed

Ideal Machinery Shed Features

During the process of our machinery shed building process, our team will inform you of all the potential features. We make sure that each feature matches up to your desired purpose of the shed, with the end goal of increased productivity and efficiency of your business. With every shed, we use roof grade iron on walls to guarantee a longer life span, even in harsher Australian climates. Using nudge resistant columns and bale bumpers both work to effectively reduce impact damage and to prevent damaging your walls and shed during loading. In addition to this, all footings are specially designed and completed so that there are no snag points for your tractor when accessing the shed. With the future in mind and our confidence in your business, each modular frame system is set with cleats and bolt holes ready for future extension of the shed.

Delivering Machinery Sheds Since 2006

At Spanlift, our team have been setting the benchmark for structural steel machinery sheds and buildings since 2006. Our company culture and care for our clients allows us to gain a deeper understanding of the needs and requirements for each shed. We help you every step of the way, starting from the shed buying process. This positive culture is made possible through our passion for innovation, communication, excellent customer experience, integrity, and team spirit. All of our sheds are manufactured in Australia, from heavy structural steel, ready to withstand a range of climates and weather long-term. In addition to machinery sheds, we also offer a full range of sheds and buildings for a range of purposes. These include:

With our experienced team at Spanlift, we can deliver the perfect machinery shed to suit your business requirements. With custom sizing and features, we will work alongside you every step of the way. Book your appointment online today.

Hay Sheds

img1 300x225 - Machinery Shed


SHEEP YARD COVER - Machinery Shed

Machinery Sheds

yorke peninsula croped e1599457078759 300x159 - Machinery Shed
yorke peninsula croped


WINERY BUILDING - Machinery Shed


Feed LotCLBcnZ 300x225 - Machinery Shed
Feed LotCLBcnZ

Equine Sheds

Dressage Riding Arena 11 Spanlift 998rk9 - Machinery Shed
Dressage Riding Arena 11 Spanlift 998rk9

Commercial Buildings

bg1 284x300 - Machinery Shed

School COLAs

COLA 23 Spanlift w5QrsE - Machinery Shed


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