3 Steps to Creating the Ultimate Efficient Workshop Space


Productivity and efficiency are things we all strive to achieve amid our work, but reaching these goals can be easier said than done.

With an impressive harvest in our forecast, operating at a higher efficiency is no longer a luxury rather than a necessity. South Australias 2021-2022 grain harvest is estimated to be the most valuable on record reaching a farmgate value of $2.8 billion. Complimented with a grain production estimate of 7.98 million tonnes, this years harvest is no joke.

The report estimates an area of 3.9 million hectares has been sown, above the long-term average despite 70 per cent of the area sown dry. After the late arrival of opening rains in mid-June, above average rainfall in July has significantly contributed towards crop establishment and replenished soil moisture reserves, said David Basham Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development.

So, with this massive haul scheduled in our imminent future, what are some ways to boost efficiency to meet this demand?

10 300x169 - 3 Steps to Creating the Ultimate Efficient Workshop Space

This venture requires a little creativity: where the four walls of your galvanised structure are typically viewed as limitations, the Spanlift team them as tools as friends, not foes!

Utilising vertical storage is an under-utilised asset yet one that can reap major reward, maximising your total shed space. In addition to storage units your walls can be used to home:

      • Benches
      • Welding bays
      • Pallet racking
      • Product storage

11 300x169 - 3 Steps to Creating the Ultimate Efficient Workshop Space

More specifically: which direction will they travel through your shed? Some fantastic questions to get this thought moving are:

      • Is your shed single entry?
      • Do you have a working bay adjacent to your drive-through bay?
      • Is your current path disrupting the flow of your process?
      • Is a roller door or sliding door best suited?
      • Do you require concrete floors?

Similarly, something we continue to reiterate is to look into the foreseeable future prepare for 10 years down the track, not for tomorrow. Have you considered your opening size? Will you need a harvester combine? While we can execute extensions and alter your opening size, its costly in both time and money.

Therefore, planning for the future now can save your future self some real headaches.

12 300x169 - 3 Steps to Creating the Ultimate Efficient Workshop Space

This is a finer aspect of de-cluttering your space that can impose a massive difference. This isnt only limited to chemicals, you can utilise this space saver for things like:

      • Oils
      • Greases
      • Chemicals
      • Liquids

Securing these items in a lockable and secure spot is great to improve overall tidiness and safety.

Handy Tip: Try keeping all your oils and greases in drums with a hose attached, which are placed out of the way. Instead of having these in the way all the time, reel the hose as you need and when the liquids arent in use theyre out of sight and out of mind!

The team at Spanlift has extensive experience in building tailored sheds and workspaces steering clear from a one-size-fits-all approach. Its no secret there are scores of different sheds or workspaces to choose from, but a rushed or misguided choice can see your efficiency and investment fall below its peak.

Whether you need somewhere to carry out that quick repair or look after your machinery, the right building will increase your efficiency and comfort year-round. Get in touch with our professional team to get yours locked in!