3 Things You Need To Know About Barrel Storage


Anyone in the industry knows that barrel storage is critical to the success of your business. With decades of experience in viticulture behind us, we know components that are a must – and some things to avoid.

There are three major components to consider when exploring storage solutions and designs – let’s take a deep dive into them.

1.  Barrel Storage Temperature

This can be difficult to regulate and control year-round due to our harsh Aussie climate, but it’s critical to proper storage.

A study conducted by The Australian Wine Research Institute illuminated that across a period of 12 months, the temperature had a significant effect on the end product. Phenolic and colour measurements and SO2 were the most significant differences.

Our dealings with Stephen Stoll is a great example of this. Operating a booming viticulturally based contracting business in the Barossa Valley naturally, growth in his equipment became a necessity. Trusting our expert experience and service, Stephen chose Gorilla Agri and Spanlift to facilitate this.

In constructing a Viticulture Implement Shed, temperature was a contributing factor including features that utilised and protected from natural light. The project was a massive success, and at every stage, all parties were engaged and working great together!

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2.  Barrel Storage Sanitation

Needless to say, sanitation in viticulture is a must. Studies show that the final product can be swayed and ruined if stored in an unsensitised barrel.

It’s important to note that with wooden barrels, microorganisms can burrow up to 8mm below the surface. If you’ve got wooden barrels, you might need to take a deeper dive into your cleaning process than if you were opting for a stainless-steel option.

Tips to consider when cleaning your barrels:

      • Tip barrels almost upside-down to drain any remaining liquid
      • Use a high-pressure hose when spraying
      • Initially use cold water to wash, then progress to hotter temperatures
      • Consider using steam or alternative treatments for persistent mess


3.  Store Your Barrels With Ample Space

Convenience aside, a crowded storage facility can make for dangerous working conditions. Carefully consider the dimensions of your space as well as the size of your harvest – both now and in the future. Do this to ensure that your space is optimised, making sure to leave no wasted space. There are a few ways you can accomplish this:

  • Insulated wall and ceiling systems up to R5
  • Double skin cladding
  • Column placements suited to barrel storage patterns and barrel washing equipment
  • Maximising your barrel storage height
  • Door configurations and layouts to suit your operation
  • External loading canopies
  • Easy to clean wall and ceiling lining systems
  • A visual design that reflects your individual style
  • Design smarts that allow you to be able to extend the building with ease in the future
  • Making expansion a breeze in the time to come

Additionally, pay attention to the aesthetic of our design and layout of your space, smart barrel storage design can be multi-functional.


Maximise Storage Space In Your Barrel Storage Room

After outlining the importance of barrel storage, how can you improve yours? The Gorilla Barrel Master interlocking storage system can up the ante when it comes to layout, design, functionality, maneuverability, and more.

Barrel Storage Features:

  • Strictly secure storage while bearing no weight
  • Highly versatile storage accommodating thinner or uneven barrel sizes
  • Greater access for topping, sampling, and pumping
  • Damage-combating design with no sharp edges and seamless barrel turning innovation
  • Dedicated customer support from our experienced local team

“A part of creating a beautiful brand is also creating a beautiful space for our customers to see and be part of it. And that meant we didn’t want to just put our barrels on pieces of wood or sitting out, we wanted to have them sitting proud for everyone to have a look at. So, barrel storage we decided on the Barrel Master Racks,” said James, founder of Wildflower Gin and satisfied Gorilla Agri customer.

Barrel Storage In Short:

  • Be mindful of Bareel Storage temperature
  • Consider our cleaning tips for the sanitation of your barrels
  • Ample storage is important to accommodate safe working conditions
  • Maximise space in your barrel room