Another Road Train load of structural steel frames heading out to one of our valued customers

Truckloads of Spanlift Structural Steel being delivered to site 388

This is three trailers out of 14 full trailers of structural steel frames that has been sent up to Darwin out of our manufacturing plant in Mount Gambier.

Many hours worth of work has gone into building the BMX Cover for the Satellite City BMX Club in Darwin, with over 14 trailers full of structural steel sent from our workshop in Mount Gambier through to Darwin, via the Galvanizers in Melbourne. Plus a number of trailers worth of purlin, iron and other bits and pieces, all helping to keep the trucking companies very busy over the last few months!

At the same time as this we have also built sheds in Kimba, SA, Katherine, NT, Wondai, Qld, and a number of locations in between!

You can see trucks delivering Spanlift Australia’s sheds all over the country – testament to the excellent quality and value we continue to provide our valued customers.