How Much Does It Cost to Build a Vineyard Workshop?

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Vineyard Workshop?

Your workshop becomes the hub of your vineyard and when done right, is built with the longevity to last generations so whats the price to get it right?

The answer to this isnt as cut and dry as it may seem. The factors that can influence your vineyard workshop are vast and it boils down to your personal needs and wants. At Spanlift we understand how important it is to get the design right when it comes to your next vineyard workshop.

Lets dive into the features weve seen every great vineyard workshop incorporate and how they influence the cost.

Space is a pivotal factor when it comes to most projects and for an efficient workshop, this should be a major consideration. Weve seen crowded workshops before, and they leave no one happy causing headaches coming out of vintage and draining additional money should expansions be made in the future.

Accumulating knowledge across a span of over 15 years, the Spanlift team know the critical areas to assess to avoid overcrowding your space:

      • Maintenance and cleaning operations on machinery
      • Machinery storage
      • Enabling for efficient traffic flow

Next to sufficient space, there are a few additions that your vineyard workshop can benefit significantly from, including:

      • Sliding doors

If you cant get your equipment in, how can you perform routine maintenance on it? Thats why ensuring your machinery and other larger vehicles have a smooth access in and out of your workshop is the main priority. Utilising industrial sliding doors, we solve this problem saving you any future headaches.

      • Incorporating a mezzanine level

Were big fans of this component, when space becomes a difficult thing to generate this is a creative way to combat this issue. The mezzanine space can be used for offices, working next to your machines to provide incredible oversight ensuring everything is completed up to your highest standards. Additionally, this space can be used as extra storage. Using galvanized steel, the structure will be extremely sturdy, therefore the potential outcomes for this area bring minimal limitations.

      • Exposure to natural lighting

Taking a deep dive into your layout, our goal is to extract maximum value. We explore all aspects including which direction to face to reap the most benefits of the natural light that your space receives.

Another way that we help leverage natural light is by implementing skylight sheeting within the design. We utilise industrial grade 2400gsm sheets for skylights instead of thin polycarb, which allows us to fit these skylights where theyll inject the most value. Whether it be in the roof or a wall, strategically placed skylights are a big plus.

Your vineyard workshop will be built to last generations, we make sure the final product fulfils your needs both immediate and beyond.

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We ask the right question thatll extract all the relevant information relating to your build. Every aspect should be specifically suited to you, creating a space which reflects whats important in your personal circumstance. Building SA projects, weve accumulated unbeatable experience and knowledge regarding our customers, climates, and nuances of each unique project. Why is this beneficial? It means we can build your vineyard workshop thatll be used and loved for generations to come.

There are a lot of factors that can influence your final design and price. The team at Spanlift have encountered some broader components that can inject real benefits to your vineyard workshop and that’s worth considering some of these include:

      • Insulation
      • Chemical storage
      • Drive-through maintenance bays
      • Skillion covers over doorways
      • Wash down bays for machinery
      • Internal and external lighting
      • Bird and vermin resistant design
      • Service pits for regular maintenance
      • Unique gutter systems, where deluge overflow runs to the outside only
      • Obtaining required council approval and permits
      • Area for toilets
      • Branded signage
      • Sliding door with locks for maximum security for expensive machinery


Theres no shortage of value that the friendly and skilled Spanlift team can inject into your build. For a comprehensive and competitively priced project get in touch and book your free onsite appointment.