Is a Sheep Yard Cover a Good Investment?

Sheep Yard Cover Pt Kenney

There are many benefits to investing in a sheep yard cover, here we explore what the main benefits are and look at a real-life case study.

Sheep Yard Covers Protect You and Your Livestock

Both sheep yards and cattle yards have seen the benefits of protecting animals during harsh climates. For many cattle yard owners protecting livestock is a necessity to producing healthy living conditions for their stock as well as for their workers.

Craig Kelsh from Venus Plains who has recently invested in a sheep yard cover mentioned that  “The sheep have never moved so freely through the yards until we had the cover constructed” This alone made a huge difference to productivity citing that “The comfort of working in summer out the sun, but still getting a breeze through makes a huge difference compared to working in the open, as we’ve always done. Very happy with the finished product!”

Situated on the North-Western edge of the Eyre Peninsula, Venus Plains is a large mixed farming enterprise consisting of over 7000 hectares of arable farming land. Shearing approximately 10,000 head of sheep a year, the need for a sheep yard cover became an obvious demand for many reasons. As pictured above, the Sheep Yard Cover is a 37m Long x 21m wide structure with large 9.5m bays, providing ample cover.

Protection From The Elements

Whether it’s raining, too hot, or blowing a gale, a sheepyard cover will protect you and your livestock from the harsh climate we live in. And can prevent livestock from getting diseases such as footrot. This also means that a lot of undercover equipment can also be protected from harsh weather conditions.

Sheep Yard Covers Increase Productivity

Improving animal welfare conditions also increases productivity by providing protection, this also reduces heat stress for the animals which also results in productivity. Ensuring that your sheep yard cover has good ventilation and high-capability gutters also means that stormwater can also be harvested.

If covering your yard is something you have long thought of doing, reach out to our team below. We can help you design a bespoke structure that fits over your sheep or cattle yards paying careful attention to existing gateways & ensuring column placements do not interrupt the yard flow.

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