PoultryHouse Barns visits EuroTier 2014

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In November, five members of the Spanlift PoultryHouse Barns team, visited EuroTier 2014 – The World’s Largest & Leading Exhibition for Animal Husbandry & Production.

EuroTier 2014, held between 15 – 18 November, in Hanover, Germany, attracted a total of 2,360 exhibitors. Over the 4 days more than 156,000 visitors including some 30,000 international visitors entered the massive complex comprising of approximately 280 acres and 27 Exhibition Halls.

Here we took the opportunity to further explore the world leaders in Construction, Energy Efficiency & High Quality Products.

The main point that impressed was that it was very revealing to find that the industry in Europe is providing to the modern farmer, (now being the investor) with high quality equipment that provides a top class return on investments over conventional products.

The team returned home full of enthusiasm for what the future of the poultry industry in Australia holds, and are looking to quickly implement ideas to further help our customers achieve higher efficiencies and better bird growth rates.