Spanlift: Growing SA Field Day 2018

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Spanlift Australia is delighted to be exhibiting at the inaugural Growers SA Conference being held at the Adelaide Hills Convention Centre, Hahndorf, SA on Friday 14th September 2018.

GROWING SA 2018 is the inaugural annual conference of South Australias grain and livestock industries. It will be hosted by Grain Producers SA and Livestock SA, both organisations have partnered to host their yearly gatherings.

The conference is an opportunity for primary producers to hear the latest in policy developments, farm business tips and commodity research while networking with each other and industry service providers and policy decision-makers.

Through its split sessions and social functions, the conference will:

Provide the latest policy and farm business information to help producers boost productivity and profitability.

Highlight the states broadacre industries as a shining light for innovation, industry growth, and business sustainability.

Enable producers, industry service providers. stakeholders, politicians and policy-makers from across SA to engage in two-way dialogue regarding policy issues, plus network, at a once-a-year event.

Growing SA will be held on Friday 14th September 2018 at the Adelaide Hills Convention Centre, Hahndorf, with

Spanlift Australia being an exhibitor at the event. Find out more about the event here: Click here

Some of our friendly team will be on hand to speak to you about any shedding needs you may have in the next few years. Make sure you come along!

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