Why SA Wineries are Choosing Gorilla Barrel Racks

In previous years wineries have been migrating from barrel cradle to the barrel racks such as Gorilla Barrel Master. The trend toward larger format barrels such as the puncheon barrel has seen the standardisation of this format to Gorilla products barrel master puncheon.

2021 has shown its fair share of ups and downs, but a significant up has been the state’s remarkable vintage.

Wine Australia’s  Rachel Triggs, said 2021 was being described as a ‘unicorn’ vintage thanks to the unique combination of events that saw both exceptional quality and good crop size.

“Good fruit set, plenty of water at the right time, lack of heatwaves, low disease pressure, and favourable harvest conditions have resulted in a high-yielding, high-quality vintage,” Miss Triggs said.

However, this is one side of the coin. After the crop has been harvested, where are they stored? Gorilla Barrel Racks are a top choice among SA wineries and beyond, but why? When the facts are laid out it’s clear to see, so let’s dive in:

Humble Beginnings of the Barrel Rack

Founded upon traditions of excellence, the Gorilla Agri Products brand started as a small family structural steel fabrication business in 1972. Originally founded by John Falland, the Falland name has become synonymous with superior bin and barrel rack solutions based on thorough research and feedback direct from our valued clients.

Stepping in nearly a decade ago, Spanlift has built on John’s unique and original jigs and refined the barrel storage rack range of products. Merging steel fabrication expertise and the unrivalled Falland family business brand – the combination guarantees you to have an exact and perfect fit every time.

Refining The Quality Of The Barrel Rack

What good is an amazing product if it’s out of reach?
Gorilla Agri Products has multiple locations across our beautiful state of South Australia.

As a proudly home-grown Australian business, a top-tier product and service is what we’re all about. To help us achieve this philosophy to its highest potential, we use high-quality Australian steel. This not only creates a better-quality product, but more local work in the process.

Barrel Rack Stacking Solutions

From industry experience, we know that a “one size fits all” approach is never relevant – especially within the viticulture industry. Many of our options are custom suited for specific barrel sizes. Which can increase the floor area of your footprint with options that are durable, smart and unique.

In addition to being low assembly and easy to transport, our barrel racks can effortlessly overcome any spatial requirements that you might have. We are experts in creating storage solutions that allow for more room to move around in, without compromising on barrel storage volumes.

Valuable Features Of The Barrel Rack:

  • Angle Icon for strong, clean, maintenance-free utility
  •  Revolutionary space-saving with stacking capacity up to 8 high
  •  Light yet robust centre for superior stacking stability and unyielding steadfastness throughout forklift side-entry
  •  Minimum Freight cost as a result of close stacking
  • Hot dip galvanisation for enduring robustness
  • Models available for Barriques, Hogsheads, Puncheons and Demi-muids
  • Easy to stack and work on
  • Protect your shins from those old sharp corners

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