Barrel Store

Barrel Store Winery 5 Spanlift gj0Gzo
Barrel Store Winery 5 Spanlift gj0Gzo

Barrel Store

Your product needs to be stored securely and at a constant temperature all year round. Spanlift can provide you with more than just a shed.

Here at Spanlift Australia, we follow viticulture with a keen interest. We know that when it comes to storing wine, you need a constant temperature all year round. We can provide you with far more than just a shed, when it comes to your new Barrel Store.

With the right building, you’ll get more from your investment for many years to come.


Talk to us today about:

  • Insulated wall and ceiling systems up to R5
  • Double skin cladding
  • Column placements suited to barrel storage patterns and barrel washing equipment
  • Maximising your barrel storage height
  • Easy to clean wall and ceiling lining systems
  • A visual design that reflects your individual style


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More About Barrel Store

Spanlift knows the importance of keeping your barrels and wine at a constant temperature all year. We also know that Australian weather varies constantly making that difficult in a regular shed or building. Spanlift has created an essential barrel store that can protect all your wine.

This building is constructed with insulated wall and ceiling systems up to R5.0, which helps to overall reduce energy consumption and make the building, which will therefore be a more comfortable environment to protect your wine. These buildings also have double skin cladding which provide natural ventilation and can increase your overall energy efficiency.

Spanlift can build you a barrel store to ultimately improve storage and productivity within the building. This includes having column placements suited to the patterns in which you store your barrels and the proximity and access to your barrel washing equipment. As well as allowing the building to optimise the height of your barrel storage racks. This can enable you to save floor space by storing higher. 

If you plan on growing your winery, ensure that your barrel store can allow for future growth. With a Spanlift barrel store, we created smart designs which can allow you to extend the building easily when you expand production in the future.

If you’re in need of a new barrel store for your winery, you need to contact us today. We can create you a building that will help keep all of your wine stored safely and correctly regardless of the weather or season. Let us build yours today.