Vineyard Workshop / Maintenance Shed

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Barrel Store Winery 5 Spanlift gj0Gzo

Vineyard Workshop / Maintenance Shed

Your workshop becomes the hub of your vineyard. When your next workshop may well be around for the next 4 generations, getting the design right is so important! We have been working with clients like you for years now, and know exactly what they need included.


Things like:

  • Drive-through maintenance bays
  • Door opening configurations to suit your operation
  • Skillion covers over doorways
  • Wash down bays for machinery
  • Mezzanine flooring for storage lockup or offices
  • Natural lighting
  • Internal and external lighting
  • Bird and vermin resistant design
  • Service pits for regular maintenance
  • Unique gutter systems, where deluge overflow runs to the outside only
  • Obtaining required council approval and permits


Discuss your requirement with a building consultant face to face.

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More About Workshop Maintenance Sheds

At Spanlift we understand how important it is to get the design just right when it comes to your next workshop. Maintenance sheds are essential buildings planned to last throughout generations. Every aspect should be specifically suited to the user, creating a space which reflects what’s important. 

Every farmer has to maintain their machinery and equipment, so why not have the right maintenance shed to fulfil such requirements. If you regularly service your machines, a service pit can be implemented into your design to account for this. Aspects like drive through maintenance bays are essential to be able to get your machinery stored safely for maintenance. Similar bays are just as important to be able to clean and wash down your machinery effectively as well. 

Plan your maintenance shed with the configuration of door openings. This personal touch will be incorporated to allow the design to fully reflect your use of the maintenance shed. If you need office spaces in the shed too, we can ensure you will get the right size and location of the room in a mezzanine flooring addition.. Be able to work right next to your machines to ensure everything is completed up to your highest standards. The right layout can be essential for every maintenance shed for every farmer. 

We have been working with clients for years and understand how important maintenance is. The better the upkeep on your machines the less of a loss when it comes to trade ins, our maintenance sheds are ideal so it’s time to invest in protecting your investment.