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Saw Dust Wood Chip Shed 1 Spanlift 4tIST  - About Us
Saw Dust Wood Chip Shed 1 Spanlift 4tIST

About Us

Here at Spanlift, our team has been setting the benchmark for structural steel sheds and buildings across Australia since 2006. We don’t just manufacture any old shed. Spanlift Sheds are manufactured in Australia from heavy structural steel that is then fully hot dip galvanised. The end result – a beautiful, quality, long lasting structure.

When you deal with Spanlift, you don’t just get a shed either. Our Spanlift Customer Care culture gives you access to all of our in-house design, fabrication and installation capabilities. We are here to guide you and help you right through the shed buying process to ensure you end up with the right shed for your needs. Not only that, we make sure it is installed the right way – so all round you end up with the best shed in the neighbourhood!

Check out all of our sheds available – from a range of farm sheds, hay sheds, dairy sheds, sheep sheds and more in the Agricultural Industry, through to Industrial sheds including workshops, school COLA’s, warehouses, and aircraft hangars and on to broiler sheds and pig sheds suited for the Intensive Farming Industry.