COLA (Covered Outdoor Learning Area)

COLA 23 Spanlift w5QrsE 1
COLA 23 Spanlift w5QrsE 1

COLA (Covered Outdoor Learning Area)

Under the harsh Australian climate, you need a quality Covered Outdoor Learning Area to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment.

Spanlift can provide a building specific to your school’s requirements.

The right COLA will serve you well for many years to come.


Talk to us today about:

  • A custom designed size to suit your school grounds or specific use such as basketball or tennis courts
  • Gable infills, angled skillion covers and part walls to prevent rain ingress on a windy day and suit the sun angles at your site
  • Ball guards
  • Anti-bird roosting options
  • Optional round columns to improve safety
  • Unique spectator cover designs that are cantilevered to remove obstacles in the viewing direction. These covers can also be utilised for sponsorship signage.
  • Covered walkway access between buildings
  • Clear span options up to 60m


Discuss your requirement with a building consultant face to face.

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More About Covered Outdoor Learning Areas

At Spanlift, we want to ensure that all your students are protected from the harsh Australian elements all year round. Keep them dry and covered in winter, and protected from the sun and heat in summer. Our covered outdoor learning areas can provide just that to your students. We offer these protective covers in a variety of shapes and sizes to best accommodate your space.

No matter the size of your area that you need covered, Spanlift has got you. We have extensive experience covering sport courts, spectator covers, playground covers and other outdoor learning areas. Cover your students, no matter where they are or where they’re going during school. We have customised designs suited to your sizing requirements.

Many features of our covered outdoor learning areas ensure the overall safety of your students. The columns can be rounded to improve safety, as well as removing them from some sides for optimal viewing on spectator covers, in order to optimise overall experiences.  

We understand that school children require their buildings and outdoor structures to be manufactured of the highest quality to ensure their longevity. Sporting equipment can be thrown around and therefore we have designed strong structures to keep them from being bumped or damaged. 

The structures can be built with a curved or angled roof to assist with any drainage and anti-bird roosting. The design of this structure will ensure that weathering & deterioration won’t be an issue. Spanlift ensures all their covered outdoor learning areas are manufactured from the finest materials and designed to last. These covered outdoor learning areas are an investment into your students’ safety. 

Get your school a structural steel covered outdoor learning area with Spanlift’s hot dip galvanised steel to ensure the longevity of your investments. Get a structure that’s guaranteed to last your students all year around. Contact Spanlift today to see what we can do for your school and get a 50 year structural steel warranty.