Workshop Shed

Workshop Shed

Experience and Quality Every Time

For over 14 years, the team at Spanlift have been providing high-quality built farm workshop sheds to our clients. We pride ourselves on setting the benchmark for structural steel sheds and buildings as we don’t manufacture just any shed.

We value our customer service experiences as we assist you throughout the entire process, including design which is conducted in house, fabrication and installation proficiencies. We want to ensure you have a smooth building process with us which is why we provide an in-depth consultation where we can sit down with you and discuss all your requirements.

Spanlift work with a range of partners including Riverland Field Days and Brand South Australia. We provide innovation in engineering that you can trust, you can be confident knowing that when your farm workshop shed is built with us, it is covered by our full 50-year structural warranty.

Workshop Shed - Workshop Shed
Workshop Shed

Building a Farm Workshop Shed with Spanlift

Are you looking at building a farm workshop shed? Spanlift can support you with our range of farm workshops. We can sit down and discuss the options that best fit your requirements. Our team will provide you with more than just a shed, it will be a space that will ultimately increase your efficiency and comfort year-round.

Ensuring your farm workshop is the correct size to suit your daily tasks it is vital to make sure maintenance is done properly, which we can provide through offering large openings to fit vehicles. Some more features we can provide you include drive-through maintenance bays, sliding door systems without floor tracks, networks for electrical, air and water lines and natural light when you need it most.

The right set up to your new farm workshop shed will guarantee work can be done efficiently. Adding mezzanine floor used for storage or office spaces can assist with the process.

Farm Workshop Features

Each building project will produce its own set of requirements, and we can provide a farm workshop shed tailored to your operational needs. It’s crucial that the farm workshop shed is adequality sized and designed for proper maintenance and repairs on machinery. This will promote increased efficiency year-round. Farm workshops features include:

  • Extra-large openings to allow for larger vehicles and machinery
  • Drive through maintenance bays
  • Sliding doors with no floor track to prevent tripping
  • Skillion covers for doorways and external areas
  • Hot-dipped galvanised and heavy-duty columns
  • Channels for electrical, air and water lines
  • Overhead crane rails and welding booms
  • Mezzanine floors for storage and office
  • Natural lighting
  • Bird and vermin resistant designs
  • Column extensions for lighting
  • Unique guttering systems

Look no further than Spanlift! We are the qualified and knowledgeable team that will support you the entire way. We value our nine-step process to ensure your time with us is stress-free. Call us for a chat today on 1300 234 321.

Hay Sheds

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SHEEP YARD COVER - Workshop Shed

Machinery Sheds

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yorke peninsula croped




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Feed LotCLBcnZ

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Dressage Riding Arena 11 Spanlift 998rk9 - Workshop Shed
Dressage Riding Arena 11 Spanlift 998rk9

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