Dressage Arena

Dressage Arena

The Best Indoor Dressage Arena For Your Horse

Protect yourself and your horses from sunshine or rain with a quality indoor dressage arena from the team at Spanlift. Our team have years of experience in the industry and are passionate about providing high-quality solutions for all of our clients. When it comes to your horse’s safety, the footings of your arena must be correct. While this can sometimes be a time-consuming process, it will hugely benefit the soundness of your horse in the future. There are a few key elements we include in the design and plan to promote safety and comfort year-round. These include:

  • A custom riding arena designed and built to suit your needs
  • Natural lighting where necessary
  • Enclosed bay for storing equipment
  • Sliding door system with no floor track
  • Footings designed to avoid concrete
  • Drive through float access
  • Column protector systems
Dressage Arena - Dressage Arena

What To Consider For Your New Indoor Dressage Arena

When you are in the process of building a new dressage or jumping arena, there are some aspects to take into consideration to ensure that you will get the most out of it. This includes arena size, the purpose of the arena, location, proximity and access to water supply, sufficient drainage, appropriate footings, and clear access for machinery. The most suitable arena-size will depend on the intended purpose and rider. Whilst a standard dressage arena is 60 x 20m a jumping arena can be anywhere from 60 x 30m and larger. However, it’s important to consider
factors like undercover seating, machinery or float storage or even the possibility of adding stables. Our team can also advise on appropriate drainage or water catchment solutions. When it comes to drainage, you must determine the natural flow of water as flat surfaces generally collect water, affecting the base of your arena. Our team have sufficient knowledge and experience to determine these areas and design a dressage or jumping arena to suit your location and needs.

The Ideal Surface For You Indoor Dressage Arena

Indoor dressage arena footing is one of the most important factors when it comes to the design of your new arena. It will have the greatest impact on the health of your horse in the future, regarding their joints and tendons. The ideal surface for a dressage arena should not be too hard, but it’s also very important to not be too soft as this can have long term effects on your horse’s joints. At Spanlift, our team can make several recommendations for the best mixture of the subsurface to meet your requirements. The subsurface should ideally be made of natural sub-angular grains of sand with a small percentage of clay content to ensure that it binds together. Surface footing should provide stability and support for horse joints, which is why some people choose to mix sand with materials such as rubber or wool, which also holds other benefits such as natural insulation.

When it comes to indoor dressage arenas, it is important that it is designed to meet your exact needs and use for the arena. Our team work closely with you to ensure that we are using the best materials. Book your appointment online or call us.


Hay Sheds

img1 300x225 - Dressage Arena


SHEEP YARD COVER - Dressage Arena

Machinery Sheds

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yorke peninsula croped


WINERY BUILDING - Dressage Arena


Feed LotCLBcnZ 300x225 - Dressage Arena
Feed LotCLBcnZ

Equine Sheds

Dressage Riding Arena 11 Spanlift 998rk9 - Dressage Arena
Dressage Riding Arena 11 Spanlift 998rk9

Commercial Buildings

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School COLAs

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