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Looking for a quality dairy shed? Think Spanlift.

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Over the years, Spanlift has worked with many Dairy Farmers, and has gained much experience in building all types of sheds needed in the Dairy Industry including Rotary Dairies, Calf Sheds, Loafing Barns, Free Stall Barns, Compost Barns as well as all the Workshops, Hay Sheds, Machinery Sheds and Chemical Sheds that go along with your main buildings.

View our range of different sheds below, or get in touch with one of our experienced and helpful Shed Design Consultants today and we will help find the right solution for your needs.

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Dairy Sheds 20 straightdZppT1

Rotary Dairy

You need a Dairy shed that is up to the job. Spanlift can provide you with more than just a shed.

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Dairy Sheds Img

Calf Shed

You need a Calf shed designed to maximise the productivity and welfare of your animals. Spanlift can provide you with more than just a shed.

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Fertilizer Shed 1mDcy9U 2

Mixing Shed

Mixing Shed

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IMG 94026jaSxk 2

Hay Shed

At Spanlift, we recognize that when it comes to storing hay, protection of your hay is of utmost importance.

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Machinery Shed 18 Spanlift g5sq3S 2

Machinery Shed

Spanlift machinery sheds provide a protected, dry haven for farm machinery. We have built literally hundreds of farm machinery sheds.

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Farm Workshop Shed 5 Spanlift 1I9in 3


There are many types of workshops, and you need one tailored to your operational needs. Spanlift can provide you with more than just a shed.


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More About Dairy Sheds

For all dairy farmers out there, let Spanlift create you the perfect dairy farm shed. Over the years we have spent time to understand the needs for dairy farmers to ensure that the dairy farm sheds we create fulfil all the needs of the farmer. We can create all kinds of sheds for every stage of the cow raising experience. All our sheds are constructed out of hot dip galvanised steel to ensure longevity with your sheds, and provide natural light where you need it the most. 

Calf Shed:

Our calf sheds are aimed to maximise your productivity and the overall welfare and safety of your animals and investments. These calf sheds are a great addition to the dairy farm sheds as they are designed to last. It is important to protect your animals from every stage of their lives. We include a unique rear wall vent system which can either be permanently or optionally opened and operable. Get your specified bay spacing to suit animal pens, gates and walkways. Our sheds are built around your needs.

Rotary Dairy:

Operate your dairy farm efficiently with a rotary dairy shed. These sheds are well designed in order to serve a daily operation for many years to come.  With all the features needed of a dairy farm shed including purpose built sliding doors for milk tanker access, and lining on floors and wall for fast and efficient wash down. Our column protector systems are also in place to prevent the bruising of your animals. These sheds are built to a size that suits your individual dairy platform. 

All our dairy farm sheds are customisable for every individual farmer’s needs. We understand that your livestock is important and raising and milking your cows is important to the sustainability of your farm.