Rotary Dairy

Rotary Dairy Shed

You need a Dairy shed that is up to the job. Spanlift can provide you with more than just a shed.

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A well designed and built Dairy Shed will serve you day in and day out, for years to come.


Features include:

  • Superior corrosion protection with non-threaded wind bracing, butt join purlins and hot dipped galvanised trusses and columns
  • Placement of wall girts to ensure there is minimal bedding material accumulating against wall girts which can result in premature corrosion
  • Lining the bottom section of your internal walls to enable fast and effective wash down
  • Purpose built sliding doors and milk tanker access doors
  • Sliding door systems with no floor track to trip over
  • Unique ventilation systems designed as part of the building to minimise heat, methane and ammonia build-up
  • A building sized to suit your dairy platform
  • Column protector systems to prevent animal bruising
  • Gable overhangs


More About A Rotary Dairy

Here at Spanlift we know what is important to every type of farmer. If you are a dairy farmer your rotary dairy is a key piece of equipment used in your milking operations. A rotary dairy will ensure you can milk large numbers of cows at once and can come in a variety of sizes to suit your individual needs. This system will essentially ensure each cow has its own space to prevent any herd hierarchy during milking.

The building that stores your rotary dairy platform is just as important as the equipment itself. When working with Spanlift we can help ensure that the size of the building can perfectly encompass your machines. If you have a large herd, you will need a larger rotary dairy platform, and therefore a larger shed to store the equipment.  

Some advantages of a Spanlift rotary dairy shed includes our superior corrosion protection from the hot dip galvanised steel trusses and columns with non-threaded wind bracing, butt join purlins. We also provide lining at the bottom of your internal walls which is designed to assist an effective and quick wash down. 

The sliding doors are purpose built with no floor track to prevent tripping and other hazards. They also facilitate milk tankers through access doors. This will overall help the efficiency of your dairy farm.

Spanlift can help every dairy farm by constructing them the perfect rotary dairy shed for your size and style farm. Contact us today to discuss what we can do for you and your farm.