Equine Sheds

Equine Sheds

Buildings for the equine industry need to consider things like natural daylight, ventilation, equipment storage, avoiding trip hazards and much more. Above all, quality shedding is a must.

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Whether you need a Horse Arena, Dressage Shed, and Stable, Hay Shed, Equipment Shed or anything else, the Spanlift team have the experience and expertise to help.


Features include:

  • Superior corrosion protection with non-threaded wind bracing, butt join purlins and hot dipped galvanised trusses and columns
  • Placement of wall girts to ensure there is minimal bedding material accumulating against wall girts which can result in premature corrosion
  • Lining the bottom section of your internal walls to enable fast and effective wash down
  • Purpose built sliding doors and milk tanker access doors
  • Sliding door systems with no floor track to trip over
  • Unique ventilation systems designed as part of the building to minimise heat, methane and ammonia build-up
  • A building sized to suit your dairy platform
  • Column protector systems to prevent animal bruising
  • Gable overhangs
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Dressage / Riding Arena

You need a Dressage / Riding Arena to protect you and your horses from the elements, whether it’s sun or rain. Spanlift can provide you with more than just a cover.

Round Yard Cover 3 Spanlift jYEkNF
Round Yard Cover 3 Spanlift jYEkNF

Round Yard Cover

Round Yard Cover

Feed Tack Shed 4 Spanlift xpWcJK
Feed Tack Shed 4 Spanlift xpWcJK

Feed / Tack Shed

Feed / Tack Shed

More About Equine Sheds

Spanlift has got your horses covered. We can provide a shed designed and built for your unique requirements. All our equestrian sheds have hot dip galvanised trusses and columns designed to stand the test of time. We can work with you alongside other involved parties to ensure the end result is a well finished, functional building with a timeless design.

A key feature of all our horse sheds is our unique ventilation systems are purposely designed to protect your horses from heat, methane or ammonia build-up without running the risk of hurting your animals. Our curved roof design enhances the aesthetics of your building, whilst improving ventilation All our sheds and paddock shelters provide enclosed areas for storing your riding equipment. Spanlift offers clear span Equestrian Sheds which ensure no centre columns or obstructive haunch bracing impacts the horse movements. We offer full safety for your animals with a column protector system to prevent any bruising. We know as well as you that protecting your animals is a primary focus and our design consultants consider this with every shed.

Dressage/Riding Arena Covers

If you are continuously being interrupted by the winter rains or the summer heat, a Riding Arena Cover is an investment worth considering. A covered arena gives you the luxury of all year round horse work without being dictated by the weather and will often result in an increase of income.

With a range of standard clear span options to consider from 12m through to 70m clear span, Spanlift has a range of building’s to suit your area requirements. Consider options of stabling, tack sheds and additional storage as part of your new Riding Arena Cover.

Round Yard Covers

A cover for your round yard  will ensure the harsh Australian elements don’t affect your horse training program. Consider carefully the direction of the prevailing weather to ensure you provide maximum protection.

Feed/Tack Shed

Our feed and tack sheds provide your animals with a comfortable environment. They’re designed to suit your every need. Our sheds offer sliding doors without floor tracks to ensure lack of tripping.

At Spanlift we know how important it is to protect your horses and equine equipment. Whether you have a small stud or a large farm we can provide all sheds and yard covers to protect your equipment and horses.