Need somewhere to carry out work on your vehicles & machinery?

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There are many types of workshops, and you need one tailored to your operational needs. Spanlift can provide you with more than just a shed.

The right building will increase your efficiency and comfort year round.


Features include:

  • Extra-large openings to fit larger vehicles and machinery through
  • Drive through maintenances bays
  • Sliding door systems with no floor track to trip over
  • Skillion covers over doorways or other external areas
  • Heavy duty, hot-dipped galvanised columns
  • Providing channels for electrical, air and water lines
  • Overhead crane rails and welding booms
  • Mezzanine floors for storage or office accommodation
  • Natural lighting where you need it most
  • Bird and vermin resistant design
  • Column extensions for lighting systems
  • Unique guttering systems, where deluge overflow runs to the outside only


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More About Workshops

A farm workshop is the place where all your machinery is sent to be fixed, repaired and maintained. Having the workshop shed the right size for your machines is vital for proper maintenance to be done. We can accommodate this through offering extra large openings to fit your bigger vehicles. A drive through maintenance bay is of use to get your machines into your work spaces. 

All our farm workshops are manufactured from heavy duty, hot dip galvanised steel columns. Ensure your workshop shed lasts as long as your machinery and build it right the first time around. The right setup will ensure that you can get your work done effectively and efficiently. This can be assisted through an added mezzanine floor used for storage or office spaces. At Spanlift we can help you personalise your farm workshop to fulfil all your operational and maintenance needs. Get the right building built the right way with Spanlift.