Shearing Sheds

Shearing Sheds

No two shearing sheds are setup identical - your needs can differ depending on location, output and more - Spanlift understands this and can provide you with a tailor made Shearing Shed to suit your needs.


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Features include:

  • Designing around existing site levels, work heights and sheep yards
  • Accommodation for your lighting requirements
  • Column placements that suit your workflow
  • Ability to request an enclosed bay for storage
  • Provision for loading facilities
  • Ability for extra height allocation for truck access areas





More About Shearing Sheds

Spanlift wants to support all sheep farmers by providing you with a new shearing shed to optimise the way you operate. This is why we partner with companies to fit out the internal shearing shed for you, while we provide you with a sturdy exterior to protect you from all harsh Australian elements. In order to protect you all year round, ventilation and airflow become important to you and your workers. To enable proper ventilation for your shed, Spanlift offers ridge vents and wall vents in your shearing shed. This will allow proper airflow, particularly important within the summer season.

The design and layout are important to ensure your operations flow in a way that doesn’t slow you down when you have a job to do. A well-designed shearing shed can make your livestock operation more profitable through less labour handling and minimal infrastructure maintenance. At Spanlift we believe it’s better to do it right the first time to ensure you make use of your investment.

We think highly about the design of the shed when it comes to the lighting of your shearing shed. It is important to utilise the most amount of natural light through windows and skylights. Having the correct lighting in important areas will assist in your daily tasks.

Spanlift aims to provide the ultimate sheep shearing sheds with our additional sheep yard covers, incorporated into the shed. Ensure your sheep stay under shelter after they have been sheared. The yard covers can be constructed over existing yards without affecting the daily operations. We  also offer column protector systems on your yard cover to ensure the prevention of animal bruising.

For your new shearing shed for your sheep farm, contact Spanlift. We have all the industry knowledge to provide you with the best shed layout and design to suit all your needs. We will make sure you get dry sheep when you need it dry so you can do what you do best!