Equestrian Arena Builders

Equestrian Arena Builders

Spanlift Equestrian Arena Builders

As leading equestrian arena builders, we know all the aspects to consider for a quality equine shed, including natural daylight, ventilation, equipment storage, avoiding trip hazards and more. Through our years of experience and training, our expert team can help whether you need an indoor horse-riding arena, stables, round yard cover, feed shed, hay shed, equipment shed and more. Indoor arena’s and round yard covers can help ensure you can keep keep your horses in work no matter what weather elements you have to deal with. These covers provide safety and comfort year-round, which is why we ensure that the building materials are of high quality and we design and construct properly. Another essential shed our equestrian arena builders recommend is a feed or tack shed. These are essential to protecting your valuable items from the elements, including riding accessories such as saddles, bridles, blankets, and more.

Equestrian Arena Builders - Equestrian Arena Builders
Dressage Arena - Equestrian Arena Builders
Equestrian Arena Builders

Equestrian Arena Features

When it comes to building an equestrian arena, we design the area to suit your specific needs, as you will be the one using it. Working closely with our clients, our team gain a deep understanding of requirements, budget and more. Throughout each part of the design, we will communicate with you to ensure that we are on the right track, for an outstanding result. One of the main aspects of our design we will be to accommodate for is ensuring natural lighting where you need it most. An enclosed bay for equipment storage is essential to keeping your equipment safe and sliding door systems with no floor track will remove the threat of tripping over. The heavy-duty footings are designed specifically to avoid the need for concrete flooring.

Leading Equine Shed Builders

At Spanlift, we have the safety and health of your horses covered with our quality equine sheds, designed, and built to your exact needs. All of our equine sheds trusses and columns are made from hot-dip galvanised steel, to ensure that your shed stands the test of time. Working closely alongside our clients, we can guarantee a beautifully designed and functional building. In every shed, we provide our unique ventilation systems, which are purposely designed to protect your horses from methane, heat, or ammonia build-up. These systems are integral for the health of your horse in the long-term. We take the time to ensure the design will work with your needs, as well as your horses. Including, column protector systems to prevent any bruising and removal of any potential obstructions.

A Team Like No Other

Our equestrian arena builders use materials manufactured from Australian structural steel, which is then fully hot hot-dip galvanized. This is to support the long term durability of our structures, to withstand the Australian climate. One of the many benefits of dealing with our equestrian arena builders at Spanlift is that you don’t just get a shed, you experience our customer care culture. We are committed to providing a positive experience for every client, no matter what product they are after. This stems from our values of innovation, communication, excellent customer experience, integrity, and team spirit. These values are instilled into all areas of our team from operations through to building consultancy, making for a well-oiled machine. As part of our promise to you, we guide you through every step of shed buying to make sure that you receive the most suitable and outstanding shed for your business.

When you require our equestrian arena builders, you can trust that our team will consider every aspect to construct the perfect arena or equine shed. Our customer service will be evident from the consultation through to completion. Contact us today at 1300 234 321.

Hay Sheds

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SHEEP YARD COVER - Equestrian Arena Builders

Machinery Sheds

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yorke peninsula croped


WINERY BUILDING - Equestrian Arena Builders


Feed LotCLBcnZ 300x225 - Equestrian Arena Builders
Feed LotCLBcnZ

Equine Sheds

Dressage Riding Arena 11 Spanlift 998rk9 - Equestrian Arena Builders
Dressage Riding Arena 11 Spanlift 998rk9

Commercial Buildings

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School COLAs

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