Machinery Shed

Machinery Sheds

Spanlift Machinery Sheds provide a space for your expensive machinery to be stored away of the elements - our high quality sheds are built to stand the test of time, lasting in even the harshest Australian conditions so that your machinery doesn't have to.

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You wouldn't leave your expensive tooling out in the elements, so why leave your expensive machinery? Our tailor made machinery sheds are built with the highest quality materials to ensure that they last the test of time even in the harshest Australian conditions. Our industry leading 'nudge resistant' hot-dipped galvanised steel beams are manufactured to be superior in terms of structural strength in the case of a bump or accident when impacted by machinery and vehicles, as well as far more resistant to rust and corrosion that can affect lesser treated beams.

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Features include:

  • Walls made from roof grade iron.
  • Nudge resistant steel columns.
  • Bale bumpers to prevent damage to the structure during loading.
  • 8m column spacing.
  • Clear spans – deep widths.
  • Modular building system – cleats and bolt holes are included in our structures allowing for future extensions.
  • Footings are specially installed to reduce possible snag points for machinery and vehicles.
  • Storm water system specially designed to reduce the number of downpipes along shed access points.