Produce Sheds

Produce Sheds

Buildings for the produce industry need to consider things like machinery access, ventilation, product separation, door types, loading facilities, vermin control and much more. Above all, quality shedding is a must for quality produce.

Produce Shed IMG

Spanlift builds quality sheds for produce storage and processing. Whether you grow or handle grain, seed, potatoes, carrots, flour, olives, grapes, apples, citrus, or nuts, we have a solution to your storage needs. There are many options to consider including dado concrete panel, Colorbond, insulation blanket, ventilation, internal walls and more.


Features include:

  • Roof grade iron on walls
  • Nudge resistant columns
  • Bale bumpers to stop damaging your walls during loading.
  • 7.7m Bay spacing’s – air between the bales – air gap to stop combustion.
  • Clear spans – deep widths. Consultant the team to make sure you have the exact right height
  • Modular frame system.with cleats and bolt holes ready for future extensions
  • Footings specially done so that there are no snag points for your tractor when accessing.
  • Front storm water system specially designed to minimise downpipes along the front to prevent damage.