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Spanlift has been heavily involved in the agricultural industry since its beginnings. We take pride in working with our customers from start to finish to manufacture and build quality steel farm sheds tailor made to suit our client's specific needs.

We understand the Australian climate and how extreme weather can get the best of cheaply built sheds manufactured without consideration for such conditions - this is why we build all of our structures with hot-dip galvanised steel beams to provide an end product that will be strong and resistant to corrosion and rust, leaving you with a shed you can trust to stand the test of time.




At Spanlift, we recognize that when it comes to storing hay, protection of your hay is of utmost importance.

Machinery Shed Edit


Spanlift machinery sheds provide a protected, dry haven for farm machinery. We have built literally hundreds of farm machinery sheds.

yard cover photo min
yard cover photo min


A yard cover will protect you and your animals from the elements, whether it is sun or rain.

Farm Workshop Shed 5 Spanlift 1I9in
Farm Workshop Shed 5 Spanlift 1I9in


There are many types of workshops, and you need one tailored to your operational needs.

083 Greg Wilson FeedlotxtW5fW 1
083 Greg Wilson FeedlotxtW5fW 1


When building a feedlot, attention needs to be given to numerous aspects including heat, light, corrosion, ventilation, acoustics, cattle flow and accessibility with heavy equipment and maintenance arrangements.

Rotary Dairy 24 Spanlift jGQ2uM 1
Rotary Dairy 24 Spanlift jGQ2uM 1


Dairy Industry buildings including Rotary Dairies, Calf Sheds, Loafing Barns, Free Stall Barns, Compost Barns as well as all the Workshops, Hay Sheds, Machinery Sheds and Chemical Sheds

Feed Tack Shed 4 Spanlift xpWcJK
Feed Tack Shed 4 Spanlift xpWcJK


Buildings for the equine industry need to consider things like natural daylight, ventilation, equipment storage, avoiding trip hazards and much more. Above all, quality shedding is a must.



Buildings for the produce industry need to consider things like machinery access, ventilation, product separation, door types, loading facilities, vermin control and much more. Above all, quality shedding is a must for quality produce.

Bulk Storage Grain Shed 2 Spanlift RJS0Z2
Bulk Storage Grain Shed 2 Spanlift RJS0Z2


Buildings for bulk storage need to consider things like loading on walls, machinery access, ventilation, light ingress, dust control, vermin control and much more. Above all they need to be tough.

To design a shed that works best for you, we accomodate around your individual requirements to ensure your final build is fit for purpose. Whether you require extra spacing between beams to fit large equipment and machinery or have any other individual requests for your build - we are prepared to work with you to find a solution that suits your needs.

All of our sheds feature heavy duty steel beams which allow for industry leading 'nudge resistance', reducing the risk of structural damage caused by machinery and vehicles to your shed in the case of an accident. As well as their excellent strength, our beams go through a hot-dip galvanisation process to ensure that they can withstand the elements far longer than other treatments - this is especially important for hay sheds considering the potential for moisture buildup that hay can create which leads to lesser-treated steel degrading quickly.

We are able to assist in size recommendations for your shed based on factors like number of bales required for storage - as well as provide recommendations for future proofing your shed moving forward in terms of initial size, with additional peace of mind thanks to the modular frame system making future extensions possible. Our experienced team knows how to calculate the perfect sized shed to suit your needs - Whether you are selling your hay, utilising it to feed your animals and livestock or any other reason - our team is able to provide a tailored solution to fit your needs.



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More About Agricultural Storage

For many years Spanlift has put a heavy focus on the agricultural industry. We put time and effort into building our relationships with our clients to ensure we continue to deliver economic, functional Farm Sheds to the Agricultural industry. With a client base spread across every Agricultural area, our team has a broad knowledge of the industry, and can ensure your shed is designed to function for many years to come.

Hay Sheds

Whether your hay is your investment or feeding your investment we know it’s important to be stored somewhere dry. Based on the hay bale storage capacity you require, we can help you design an economic shed maximising storage space, whilst working to your budget. We can help you calculate the right size of shed you need based on the quantity of hay bales. Prevent water damage we can ensure the down pipes are strategically placed, minimal along the front. With a range of upgrades available including a unique guttering system with no down pipes across the front and bale bumpers to protect your back wall, Spanlift sheds offer the flexibility to design a Fodder shed to your requirements.

Machinery Sheds

Any farm machinery, trucks or other equipment will ultimately run better & maintain resale value when stored out in the Australian elements. Our clear span implement sheds ensure there’s enough room for all your gear to be out of sun or rain whilst offering a functional space to operate in. Our team can work with you to design a building to suit your requirements, whilst working to standard options where possible to maintain a cost effective design that will suit you for many years to come. Door locations, machinery movement, enclosed storage & desired shed use are some of the things the team will ask about when helping you design your new Machinery Shed.

Yard Covers

Allow your animals and workers to be safe and comfortable all year round by protecting them with our yard covers. We take into account animal movements, allowing light to be prominent where it’s needed to ensure the health and happiness of your animals.

To protect your investment against the corrosive environment of stock yards, Spanlift hot dip galvanised all our structural frames including columns and trusses A fully hot dip galvanised structure will not rust in the corrosive environment of a stock yard.Let us help you design a yard cover that protects your yards from the prevalent weather and ensures flexibility for future plans or ideas in your sheep or cattle yards. Our team can visit your site and measure up your yards, to ensure column positions do not affect the yard operation.