Grain Shed

Bulk Storage Grain Shed 19 Spanlift Ll2hC9
Bulk Storage Grain Shed 19 Spanlift Ll2hC9

Grain Storage Sheds

Moving to on farm grain storage? Bigger crop coming this year?

On farm grain storage allows you to sell your grain when you choose to, when prices are favourable. Spanlift can provide you with a purpose built grain storage facility that is more than just a shed.

The right Grain Shed will work for you, many years into the future.


Talk to us today about:

  • Roof designs to suit the angle of repose for your grain, resulting in lower cost per cubic metre of product stored
  • Minimising light ingress
  • Rodent and bird resistant designs
  • Strip footings to accommodate side walls
  • Precast walls designed and engineered to suit the appropriate loadings and stack heights
  • Line heights cast into the wall
  • A fully sealed building which will hold and maintain pressure for fumigation
  • Our door system which enables placement of barriers, to enable product to be stored to maximum levels at door ends
  • Access hatches for conveying or auger equipment
  • Patented design roof lift, allows for safe working at heights


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More About Grain Sheds

Harvesting your crops can be vital to your income as a farmer. Therefore having the best place to store your harvest is critical to your farm’s success.

Spanlift takes pride in providing the right shed for our clients. No matter what you farm we can have the shed that lasts the test of time. We understand the importance of keeping your produce dry and safe. This is where our grain storage sheds come in. Grain requires a dry and insulated storage shed to protect it from the harsh Australian elements. Spanlift offers grain sheds which can do just this.

We have carefully designed and patented our roof lifts to allow for working at heights. Be safe while accessing your grain shed on the roof, for either conveying or auger equipment.

These sheds will completely protect your grain and other produce. The entire grain shed is designed to be fully sealed, which will hold and maintain its pressure among fumigation.

We aim to protect your investment and increase your profits. With our sheds, you can get the quick storage you need when it’s time to harvest your crops, without any delays. This will ensure it doesn’t lose its value due to exposure to the elements.

That’s not quite enough to convince you yet? Our grain storage shed will ensure no loss of profits as due to the angle of our designed roofing system as it moulds to the natural formations of the grains to fill it to its full capacity. Be sure to contact us to get yourself a Spanlift grain storage shed. We can help you keep your produce lasting until you want to sell it. Store grain without the stress of damage to the produce you store, have that security all year around.