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Winery Shed


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More About Wine Storage Sheds

The centre of every vineyard is the winery building and wine storage shed. It is vital for these buildings to be big enough for all your wine barrels and produce needs. A wine storage shed must be tall enough to be able to hold your barrels and barrel racks especially with our Gorilla Barrel King stacking up to 8 barrels high. Through increasing the height of your wine storage shed you can store more wine barrels. While ensuring that you have enough floor space for your forklifts to maneuver around them. At Spanlift we can ensure the design of this building allows column placements suited to your storage placements and the accessibility needs of your equipment. 

A winery storage shed will help protect your wine barrels and produce through temperature controlling with double cladding and insulated wall and ceiling systems. Our winery building will ensure that your grapes and produce are maintained at the correct temperature to keep them fresh. Let the light shine through your building to make it a place customers want to be. By opening up your buildings with windows and high ceilings, it brings a positive atmosphere throughout the customer experience. We will ensure it is a place you want to work in for employees too, having structured air flow throughout the building. We can ensure that the buildings are built to the highest quality standards with our heavy duty hot dip galvanised steel frames, which are made to last.    

If you need a building on your winery, Spanlift has got you covered. We can build the perfect wine storage shed for your specific requirements. So contact us today to find out what we can do for you.