5 benefits of an indoor riding arena


Investing in an indoor riding arena is a big decision but one most riders have thought about many times, often in the middle of winter when the rain is stinging their face as they canter around outside! But aside from the obvious bonus of not getting soaked in winter, what are the benefits to building your own indoor arena? We’ve been building a number of Spanlift indoor arenas and these are the benefits our clients tell us they experience.

Riding Arenas Give Your Horses Protection

Being able to work your horses in rain, hail or shine is not only more comfortable for your horses but it will increase your stable’s productivity. A riding arena gives you a covered protective area to ride on, allowing you to work your horses at all hours of the day – and won’t be impacted by wet weather. Those extra days and hours might mean that you can actually take on more horses, even paying client’s horses. Anything that helps you spend more hours in the saddle has to be a good thing!

Riding Arenas Mean Sounder Fitter Horses

Working your horses on a consistent, even surface that you can maintain will ensure they remain sound and healthy. Outdoor riding arenas are great but when it rains heavily and puddles form, horses can often slip which can put strain on their legs. Plus being able to work them consistently year-round will ensure their fitness never drops meaning they’ll be at their peak when you want them to be.


Dressage Riding Arena 10 Spanlift ii95Mv

Hire Out Your Riding Arena

As soon as word gets around that you have a new indoor arena, everyone will be your best friend when it rains! Hiring your arena out for either hourly hire or even for day long clinics is a great way to help maximise ROI of your arena. If you’re in an area with not many or no arenas for hire, you’ll be even better positioned to capture a keen market.

If your property is set up to run competitions from your riding arena you could get in touch with a few local adult riding, dressage, show jumping or pony clubs to see if they wanted to run a show or event from your property. A competition will not only give your arena extra exposure, but it will give riders the chance to easily test out the arena to see if they might like to hire it again in future.


Take on Agistment

If you have the paddock room, ridden horse agistment is always in high demand here in South Australia.  Properties with an indoor arena are able to fetch a much higher agistment price than those with an outdoor riding arena or none at all. If you had the room building your arena shed a bit bigger would allow you to add in stables, float parking or even feed storage which will help establish your property as a premium equestrian facility where agistment is sought after.

Increase Property Value With Your Riding Arena

Any improvements you make to your property will help add value to your property, adding an indoor riding arena is a big investment which can ad consideration value to your property. To see a property with an indoor riding arena come onto the market has an increased level of interest which helps build hype and consequently results in more buyers for your property. Of course it’s not the first goal of building an indoor arena but it is a nice flow on effect which might help make your decision to invest easier.

Are you ready to reap the benefits of an indoor arena? Spanlift have been making sheds and agricultural buildings in South Australia since 2006. We know what you need when creating a quality shed and can help you design the custom indoor arena of your dreams.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you.