Covered Outdoor Learning Area for Lutheran College


COLA’s for a Better Learning Experience

For many learning colleges, Covered Outdoor Learning Area’s are vital to providing a better learning experience for students. Enter Victor Harbour based learning institution Encounter Lutheran College with over 600 students, have been busy constructing school buildings on greenfield sites since 2001.

Covered Outdoor Learning Area’s provide vital shade and protection for
tennis courts and netball courts and general activity areas.

COLA Design Considerations

Encounter Lutheran College wanted their Covered Outdoor Learning Area (COLA) to have a 40-metre clear span without centred posts so it could suit various court options and orientations.

However, since the college grounds were located along the coastline on the top of a hill, this specification was going to be quite a challenge on its own. Not to mention tight access to the property, making the delivery of
materials on-site difficult, with the potential of damaging other school structures in the process. Additionally, the college didn’t want classes to be disrupted during the COLA’s construction.


Custom Design for Covered Outdoor Learning Areas

To overcome all these challenges, Spanlift conducted a thorough project survey of Encounter Lutheran College.

Our team of qualified engineers and experienced draftsmen were able to develop an effective plan for a COLA structure, accommodating for all the tough conditions and requirements of a coastal area on a hill – for example – the harsh winds that may cause damage to the facility.

To ensure the finished results went above and beyond the College’s expectations, we also ensured that the colour scheme and building design were aligned with the overall style of the Encounter Lutheran College, so everything matched aesthetically.

As for the delivery of materials, each item was checked off against the appropriate load sheet to prevent delays. All the major lifiting and dangerous construction work was done around the schedule of the school to ensure
students were not present during this phase.

Most importantly, working on a planned schedule was vital to ensuring the build of the Covered Outdoor Learning  Area COLA would not interrupt school hours.



The Ultimate Covered Outdoor Learning Area for a School Building

To guarantee that the College would gain a positive outcome for its investment, we created a versatile structure far beyond what’s offered by other shed builders – which is just a regular shade structure using
a tarp roof that requires a lot of maintenance and the regular replacement of shade materials.

In fact, Spanlift made it possible for the school to have a tailored COLA construction that accommodates their two tennis courts and netball courts. Our team also ensured that their COLA was built to the specifications requested: a 40m clear span with no centred posts to allow all court
activities and orientations.

A netting system was also installed around the internal perimeter of the structure to block balls and other sports equipment from going outside of the premises, preventing loss and the possibility of injuries.

Spanlift’s expertise in providing superior in-house design, fabrication and installation turned this complex project into a success. Since then, Encounter Lutheran College’s students have been enjoying multiple school functions
and events in their premium structural facility.